“adventures another of a stuipd schmuck”

Tyler R. Martin

Reading a Bukowski poem out loud to my dad
And giggling like a retarded jackal,
Sipping slowly at a beer
And wistfully wishing it was bourbon,
Lighting a cigarette with an entire book
Of matches and burning
My eyebrows off,
Driving 95 mph on post
In Fort Drum
After drinking a gallon of Jack
And wondering why everything
Is blurry,
Making shitty alcoholic friends
And hating them,
But hating them less than
My friends who don’t drink
Too much,
Watching the news and
Feeling weird that I really don't give flying fuck
About anything those assholes are
Scribbling somber stanzas and
Wondering why
My depression continues to
Eating beautiful blonde pussy--
Eating A-LOT of pussy,
Fucking as much as I fucking can,
Sitting-- sad, stoned and
Watching Nirvana and Jim Carrol
Records rotating for hours….
...this how a simple schmuck like me
Likes to waste the dreary days
Of his lonely life,

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