Best in Me Haiku

Tyler R. Martin

You’re so sweet when you

Try to see the best in me.

When will you give up?

Liquor Store

bourbon, cigarettes and syllables

Tyler R. Martin

Ringing in the liquor store and jealous
Of the booze these people buy.
87.56 for single malt scotch,
64.99 for the gentleman’s
Sweet sour mash,
A 48.26 small batch bourbon, all before
Old Uncle Sam’s greedy share.
And the vodkas, my man,
The oceans of Goose and Svedka
Coursing through the veins of America
Make my envy rise and mouth thirst
For the pure and safe sanctity of spirits
And the docile feeling connecting you
With the holiest of spirits and you feel God
And you…
Keep ringing soberly in the liquor store
While other people drop hundred dollar bills
On tequilas supported by that cunt Cloony
Who couldn’t understand the depth a true drunk
Must contend with daily.
Then the then true drunks step in and
You find seriousness in their slurs
As you decipher their need for a pint
And know instinctively that they will

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Got Engaged to Katie

Tyler R. Martin

So, here on 

Our second year of loving,

Something struck me deeply 

Out of nowhere it was found.

Because you, babe,

Have always loved me sweetly,

There’s something special in your smile,

By your blue eyes I was bound.

And it’s true, babe,

And I pondered for a while

That life ebbs so dark and dreary

Yet, this, I never found profound.

And me, babe, 

In the mire of my chaos,

Lost upon an ocean,

Never finding ground.

But you, babe,

I could never stand your sadness 

Its you I want to love,

Life’s so pure when you’re around.

For you, babe,

With your tender loving sweetness,

You drive away the madness,

Which I suffered from above.

And you babe,

To me you’ve always been so special 

By your love I’ve found a meaning,

By your beauty I’m enthralled.

Because you, babe,

If you would ever have me,

If you’d love me forever,

If by this request you’re not appalled,

Then would you, babe,

If you could ever stand me

Please accept this soft proposal 

Agree and give your hand?

Episode 10: Heavenly Blessings and Terminal Temptations

Tyler R. Martin

The tenth episode to my podcast aired today and, like all the other episodes, I was very happy with how it came out. If you missed the previous episodes, due to the fact I was too lazy to post them, you can find them by clicking the YouTube link on my home page. In this video I discussed a wide range of topics, from utopia, to the battle of ideas, religion, finding the perfect cherry blossom and collectivism vs. individualism. Hopefully my thoughts will be received in a manner in line with my actual intentions. Per usual, I elaborate on my ideas concerning individuality, spirituality, the outlaw’s war with life, the need to be combative with authority, Nietzschean philosophy, my own personal war with existence, mother nature and the existential necessity for lack of safety in pursuing enlightenment. All of this stems from a poem I wrote titled “Heavenly Blessings and Terminal Temptations” from my second book “Midnight Mourning”…you can find a link to purchase it here:

Poem and link to video included below: Midnight Mourning – Kindle edition by Martin, Tyler R., Wolffer, Katie. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

Heavenly Blessings and Terminal Temptations

My mortal heart was blessed
By the heavenly calls above,
By the hand of the almighty
And seraph’s songs of love.

But the blessings too were bitter,
I was frail and forced to grow
As I was beckoned by temptation
From seductive flame below.

In truth, to grow is Godly
And man’s desire, not divine,
How harrowing it is to follow
Hollowed needs that are not mine.

For the flame has its fetching beauty
And the seduction more than I can stand,
So often I descend into the darkness
For I am just a mortal man.

4 Poems by Tyler R. Martin

Punk Noir Magazine


Love and Anarchy

We will be together when it all falls down,

When everything is trashed,

And all lies ashen in the past.

We will be together when the Cities have all drowned

Or some rational is found

To burn them to the ground.

We will be together when the government is gone

And all the politicians have been relieved

Of all presumptive efforts

Towards the spread of their disease.

We will be together when the nanny state is gone

And the final card is drawn

For a new order to awake

And embrace it’s gorgeous dawn.

We will be together

When the Congress hall has burned

And every well coiffed leader

Has been fired and been spurned.

So don’t yet fret, perhaps the time isn’t now,

But we will be together when it all falls down.


What is Below in the Hungry Black Maw?

There’s a house…

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