“Babble…all too much”

Tyler R. Martin

Too often do I see,
Prose with absolute ambition.
And all too often it fails to surpass
The faintest intellectual expedition;
Or reveal the workings of human condition.

All too often do I self-reflect,
And see my own ink and paper’s
Existential rendition,
Pierce no enlightened veil–deflect
Or embrace no spiritual admission.

Far too often,
Do I bawl and stress as a tactless tactician.
Utilizing irreverent nouns and verbs
For a rhymeless commision,
Only, in spite, to scrap the stanzas in dismission.

Ever too often,
Do we strive to attempt
The seizure of language to reveal our disposition,
Only to find the glare of a cruel, empty void,
Utterly lacking our desired exhibition.

Much too seldom do we:
Embrace apathy and disillusion,
To which the resulting liberation,
Compounded with inebriation
Will frequently culminate in:
An improved mindset for exaltation….

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