“Final Rite”

Tyler R. Martin

Bleeding in my bed,
Strung out from last night,
In vomit blood and dread,
Being read my final rite.
Now engulfed in sacred fire,
A corporal body draws to a head
On the crematorium pyre.

Ascending to the golden gates,
To be judged by angels all in white,
But this bliss is not my fate,
So I descend into the flame,
And cursed blackness that await.


Tyler R. Martin

Abandon me
Please won’t you phantom?
Apparition don’t appear.
Abandon me
Please dark ether,
You fill my nights
With fear

Leave me
Sorrowful specter,
Haunt my floor
No more,
The way you smirk
and giggle
Shakes me
To my core

You’re unwanted
Wicked wraith,
Please incorporate
Cease the seizure
Of my family,
For that I can not

β€œThe Abnormal”

Tyler R. Martin

Grim and grizzly, in the graveyard,
Clawed through a coffin, crawled through dirt.
A horror from a hallowed hole,
Vile image, no more inert.
Salivating, craving sinew.
Cadaver creeping, candid glee,
Murderous beast, moaning madly,
Ferocious fiend, the frightened flee....

The snarling specter saunters
Towards trembling, timid townsfolk.
Eyes absent of animation,
Intense fear will fiercely invoke.
The gaggle gather doning guns.
Decomposing, nearing, depraved.
Rusting rifles aimed and ready;
Another abnormal allayed...to its grave.