“The Abyss Above”

Tyler R. Martin

Up in the earthly ether
A rain cloud haunts the
Oppressing all below it
And darkening
The terrene frontier.
There’s a dreary feel to all that’s here
With tears forever flowing
From the overburdened
And from it, a feeling forever
Of solitude
In all mortal souls,
And darkness draped upon
All that’s new
And all that’s dying
Dead and old.
Every graying face you’ll see here,
No sense of joy
Or gratitude
For this one more sullen day
Of breathing air
Under sky’s tears forever flowing
From the overburdened

“just the day to day”

Tyler R. Martin

Putting your hand through drywall,
Your fist bouncing off a beam.
Then recoiling sharpy,
As rage subsides to scream,
After finding out your father died
You beg to wake up from this dream.

But this is just the day to day;
In this wicked world you have to pay.

Nevermind the fact your car’s broken down
And your long time girl’s long gone.
Now your rent’s past due and you ignore the calls
Of your harpy landlord hounding you since dawn.
So all you can do is throw on an old record,
Crack a sudsy beer and sing along,
Hoping as you always do,
There’s some wisdom in the song.

‘Cause this is just the day to day;
In this wicked world you have to pay.

“Sky Fish”

Tyler R. Martin

Recline back now
Watching the fish swim in the sky
Splash me with water
Then dry up, choke and die.
Falling from the heavens
I watch them as they sail
Shriveled buggers
As the friction burns their scales.
And you know that makes me so sad
I’m lonely, wanted to hang,
They didn’t seem bad.
But when they made it, falling in fast
Straight down to me
They were nothing but ash.

“The Almighty’s Comic Relief”

Tyler R. Martin

I was suicidal long before I knew
That living was essentially dying.
I craved death from the beginning,
Tried to hang myself with the umbical cord at birth
…..To no avail.
I followed up by jumping off slides at the playground,
Jumping off roofs, out of windows.
Broke my arm twice, but nothing fatal.
The Almighty caught on to this when I was 12;
My appendix burst spilling gangrene
Throughout my body.
This is how I go, I thought, sick and tired
in a hospital bed while the Almighty has his laugh at
Making me wait so long.
And the Almighty did have his laugh, but it it didn’t
Come with my demise.
According to the surgeon, the Almighty had
Blessed his hand, his scalpel and my soul,
All of these blessings allowed the surgeon
To clean up my insides.
I awoke to pain and scars, but I awoke all the same.
Road rage at twenty, screaming at an asshole
From the Carribean in rush hour Manhattan,
Tried to run my Cadillac through a concrete divider.
I was outside my flattened Caddy smoking a cigarette
When the medics arrived, shocked they hadn’t
Driven up on a corpse.
They demanded I seek medical assistance;
By the third increasingly persistent request
I told them in no uncertain terms to fuck right off.
The Almighty once more had his laugh,
Leaving me with not a scratch and a whopping
Auto bill for my troubles.
Booze, pills, tasers, fights, tried them all;
Nothing seems to slow me down;
I feel I’ll live to a hundred, miserable, battered and broken
But not dead, no that’ll be too easy.
I must have been a cruel man in my past life,
Or maybe I’m just the Almighty’s comic relief.

“On Being a Good, God fearing Drunk”

Tyler R. Martin

I have been a fall-down fucked-up, apathetic,
Puking drunk since I was nineteen.
It has taught me much.
Being a drunk teaches one
How to vomit with grace and poise,
This occurs after years of practice.
A good drunk learns how to shift gears artfully
Driving home from his bar,
Down shifting as he corners on side streets
And narrowly misses parked cars
On the streets of suburbia.
Drunks learn quickly whose girls they can hit on,
And whose they cannot.
Being a drunk teaches you
Whose bark is worse than his bite,
And whose bites you should avoid.
Being a drunk accelerates the learning curve.
This is due to every good drunk’s contempt for all that he is not;
The booze provides this self reflection and it isn’t often pretty.
For being a drunk does not diminish or distort or provide escape from reality,
Being a drunk simply enhances it, puts reality beneath a magnifying glass to reveal the pocked, Scarred and blemished skin hiding beneath the porcelain facade.
Booze will break her drunk down so low he can only look up
And the view is nothing but decay, and this decay is toiled in by the world’s worker ants too blind to see, too innolaclated to smell the stench for the world’s trash fires.
Yes, drunks learn their lessons, and yes, drunks often swear off their medicine, tiring of reality.
But a good drunk always returns to the bottle like a devoted lover, a good drunk cannot stand his own hypocrisy..
They learn their lessons, they learn them harshly, and they learn them truly.
All this for the low low price of a 10 dollar bottle of wine.

“For my Love: be my Love”

Tyler R. Martin

Oh, your violet lipstick, dark eyeshadow, rosey blush;
The way gorgeous blonde locks drape from your skull
And blue eyes explode as I tremble
In the subtle gaze of your graceful glow.
Your Love will relish in the slow motion wave of your locks and the flutter
And the flit and flash of your eyes and dark black lash.
So tall in Doc Martens,
Hips so sexy in jeans fitting so superb,
Voice pitched soft like a pigtailed school girl
And a way with a walk that, for your Love,
Will worry and disturb.
Oh it seems it’s you I need, when for you I live,
I live and fight and fight and bleed;
For the thoughts of mine you occupy,
From seductive grin down to sweet thighs,
And loving lips and tender kiss,
It’s for your love that your Love exists.
Oh baby, baby from heaven above,
Oh sweet baby baby be my Love

“Sick Sick Sickness”

Tyler R. Martin

And you, sickness,
You vile disease,
You came to me as liberation,
Came to me as I bid escape
From the doldum of pointless
Efforts which one
Grows to accept
And those enlightened few
Choose to expel.
But not all those
Trapped in the hellish winter of life
Cling to you so ardent as did I.
Some bask in family, meditation
Social security…
I unfortunately am not enlightened enough for
Such a conquest.
My basking occurs in sickness,
I relish in my own mortality,
My frown is my subtle grin,
I indulge in drudgery.
My whiskey, my beer, my wine
Are my family,
Intoxication, my meditation
My existence, my pointlessness,
My sickness,
Are my life in summation.