“Don’t Worry, Baby”

Tyler R. Martin

Watch that worry, baby,
Give your heart a rest,
Keep the going easy,
Flow ‘long with the breeze
Don’t be sad sweetheart,
I am all you need.
With me, never stress
Just lie here with me,
And I will do the rest.
Its 10 AM, baby,
I’ll fix you drink,
Don’t worry, we’ll
Get tipsy,
No reason to think,
We got nowhere to be,
Outside doesnt matter, sweetie
Soon this you’ll see.
Don’t worry ‘bout the rent
Way past due
Or roaches in the sink,
Forget about broken
Wine bottles,
Don’t say you’re at the brink.
Baby, breakdowns aren’t fun.
So, sweetie,
Our lives, right now
Might be a mess,
Don’t be sad sweetheart,
With me never stress,
Just lie here with me,
I’ll do the rest.

“For my Love: be my Love”

Tyler R. Martin

Oh, your violet lipstick, dark eyeshadow, rosey blush;
The way gorgeous blonde locks drape from your skull
And blue eyes explode as I tremble
In the subtle gaze of your graceful glow.
Your Love will relish in the slow motion wave of your locks and the flutter
And the flit and flash of your eyes and dark black lash.
So tall in Doc Martens,
Hips so sexy in jeans fitting so superb,
Voice pitched soft like a pigtailed school girl
And a way with a walk that, for your Love,
Will worry and disturb.
Oh it seems it’s you I need, when for you I live,
I live and fight and fight and bleed;
For the thoughts of mine you occupy,
From seductive grin down to sweet thighs,
And loving lips and tender kiss,
It’s for your love that your Love exists.
Oh baby, baby from heaven above,
Oh sweet baby baby be my Love

“A Drunks Toilet”

Tyler R. Martin

The drunk’s toilet is a battered whore,
A used up coked out booze pickled
Stained and dirty, dingy and dreggy,
Unkempt and ill used.
Her pure white porcelain skin:
Long since bare of its bright sheen
Her plumbing no longer tight and firm
And piping’s pearly hue has lost its gleam.

But she’s always there, she takes the abuse,
Takes the hits her drunk imparts as he lash out
And withstands the foulness which booze induce.
When he’s wasted,wounded, when he’s whitered and
She takes the vomit and the dark black shit
She takes it all and never wallows,
Even the strong stinking yellow piss
This too she takes and always swallows.
How did her life come to this?

“Midnight Mourning”

Tyler R. Martin

I hear her start at midnight, weeping,
And I hear her all night long,
It’s a dreary tune of heartbreak,
A bitter, sweet and sickly little song.

She begins with a sigh
(Quietly I sit and hear her so clear)
And says to no one “goodbye”
-”I shall love you forever, why did you have to die?

Then from deep within a shattered soul
A symphony begins its sway,
With first a tearful little sonnet
Of loss, death and dismay.

Then her soul emits the main event,
A tear stained face out the opened window gaze,
The weeping for just a moment halts
As she contemplates a leap into the waves

But the window shuts with a slam;
The sweet thing loses nerve
And the weeping once more comence
For life doles her more than she deserve.

“Marring of Beauty”

Tyler R. Martin

I’m reading poetry aloud to her,
I read Poe aloud and relish in the beauty;
The beauty of the words, the beauty of the girl listening,
And I feel like hideous ogre, reading beauty to beauty,
Surrounded by–engulfed in this tragic room of beauty,
For the beauty is marred my ulgy,
It’s weakened by my failure to truly show my appreciation for it by
Putting down the book and leaving her,
But she listened as I rattle of about Poe’s Dream Within a Dream,
And the tintinnabulation of the Bells
And she showed love for the beauty
And love for the ulgy of the ogre, aswell…

“Finding Heaven in a Bedroom”

Tyler R. Martin

To find heaven in a bedroom
Of a building North of here,
To have true love lie beside you
And to whisper in her ear:

“You are evidence of heaven,
Even if we live in hell,
Even if there’s greener grasses
It’s in these fires I shall dwell.

‘Cause I see you even from a distance,
A pure blue spark amongst the dark,
Lovely blue eyes forever pierce me
And have left a scorching mark.

And so your warmth I’ll follow blindly,
Through the winters and the rain,
Or cross warm and sandy beaches,
And for me, I pray you’d do the same.”

So gaze at me in utter silence,
As I whisper words to you,
A smile says that you still love me
And believe every word is true.

To find heaven in a bedroom
Of a building, brick and stone,
Whether boiling heat or frigid storm,
With you, I’ll forever feel at home.

“Things I Say”

Tyler R. Martin

Your eyes, pretty and blue,
Seem to have the capabilities
Of some absurd photographic
Your ears,cute and soft
Against your head,
Are very precise
Recording instruments…
This is bad news for me.
You recall, with uncanny accuracy,
Everything I do and say,
Every word, every drunken slur,
You recall what I do not,
And fire it back with
The addition of tears
To fuel its fire.
You should drink more, my love. The things I say are better off forgotten.