“Attack the Day”

Tyler R. Martin

I am subsisting on Belgian beer and red cabbage as of late.
Certainly not a bad breakfast,
Apparently both are very good for gut health
And gut health is very important.
My father would tell me that you’re fucked if your digestion is outta wack and, with this diet,
My digestion is very good.
I wake up,pop a handful of various pills,
Crack a beer and take an incredible shit;
Hangover gone, a bit high, feeling ten pounds lighter
And ready to face the world.

“Corpse Corral”

Tyler R. Martin

In a shroud of solemn silk,
The dead man lie amongst his ilk
In a cold corral of corpses
All silent, grey and still
In frozen darkness dreary morbid
As worms await to eat their fill.

Never again will they laugh or jest,
They’re locked in rigid, gloomy rest
No smiles as the dead decay,
In the cold corral of corpses,
Now bitter blackness holds it’s sway
In his sad state oh so sordid.

While far away a family weep,
Eating flesh of poppy in bid for sleep,
They miss the man, they mourn his warmth,
Passing their sobs back and forth
As he lie in the coldness now
Of the solemn, silent corpse corral

“A Drunks Toilet”

Tyler R. Martin

The drunk’s toilet is a battered whore,
A used up coked out booze pickled
Stained and dirty, dingy and dreggy,
Unkempt and ill used.
Her pure white porcelain skin:
Long since bare of its bright sheen
Her plumbing no longer tight and firm
And piping’s pearly hue has lost its gleam.

But she’s always there, she takes the abuse,
Takes the hits her drunk imparts as he lash out
And withstands the foulness which booze induce.
When he’s wasted,wounded, when he’s whitered and
She takes the vomit and the dark black shit
She takes it all and never wallows,
Even the strong stinking yellow piss
This too she takes and always swallows.
How did her life come to this?