My Seraph in Disguise

Tyler R. Martin

A beauty thought reserved only for nature,
Somehow now resides within your eyes,
How can such magic be earthly normal,
Is it real, or just some clever guise?
I wonder, are you a true mortal woman
Or a Seraph, an angel in disguise?
–Your hair of a goddess, with golden streaks
Falling gently on tan, smooth skin;
I envy it, caressing your neck,
Cascading down your back, touching your chin.
You’re speaking softly, with love in your eyes,
Giving me a glimpse of your gorgeous mind,
Such a serene, tantalizing feeling,
Something of heaven and earth combined.
And with a pitch like some divine instrument,
Yours: a voice that serenades so sweetly,
From a grin like a summer sunrise,
A few notes and I’m enthralled completely.
Because truly, I wouldn’t be surprised
Were you to admit to me tenderly:
You’re not just my love, my prize,
But my Seraph, my angel in plain disguise

To Think of Sarah

Tyler R. Martin

Each time that song plays I think of Sarah,
And her red hair waving lovely in that way.
Every time the chorus rings I feel so alone,
Saying, “Sarah God I miss you,
Sarah, baby, please come on home,
Sarah, without you I’ll be alone.”

And each time the song ends, I feel so empty,
Until that solemn tune begins again;
I mourn the loss of my lover
And the loss, also, of a friend
For much like that sad song, I’ve played for so long,
Someone one help me, please, I’m at my end.
Saying, “Sarah God I’ll miss you,
Sarah, please come home,
It’s better here I promise
Than wherever you may roam
Sarah, without you I’ll be alone.”

There’s bound to be a reason for her leaving,
There’s bound to be an answer in her words,
The words she knew so true
And she felt she had to say
When she gasped out her last breath
As I held her hand to pray
Before her body became cold,
Saying, “Sarah, without you I’ll be alone.”

“If ever was there life,” she said,
“there also must be death,
I feel the weight upon me now,”
As she she struggled her last breath
And in her final agony, she smiled so sincere,
Saying, “my loves with you forever, babe,”
In her last moment here,
“But, never fail to wander, and
Don’t be in agony over me,
Don’t sit upon a throne so lonesome,
That I couldn’t bear to see.”
And in that final moment I gave my reply,
Saying, “Sarah, God I miss you so badly Right now, baby, I could cry,
Sarah, baby why’d you have to die?”

“Love and Anarchy”

Tyler R. Martin

We will be together when it all falls down,
When everything is trashed,
And all lies ashen in the past.
We will be together when the cities all have drown
Or some rational is found
To burn them to the ground.
We will be together when the government is gone
And all the politicians have been relieved
Of all presumptive efforts
Towards the spread of their disease.
We will be together when the nanny state is gone
And the final card is drawn
For a new order to awake
And embrace it’s gorgeous dawn.
We will be together
When the Congress hall has burned
And every well quaffed leader
Has been fired and been spurned.
So don’t yet fret, perhaps the time isn’t now,
But we will be together when it all falls down.

Hope you enjoyed the poem! If you did, my chapbook is available on Amazon for 1.99 and if you message me I’ll definitely send you a free one! I’d love to get some reviews on my work. I’m new to selfpublishing and trying to promote myself anyway I can! There is a link below

Check this out: Midnight Mourning by Tyler R. Martin

“My Sweet Amor”

Tyler R. Martin

I feel love for all that I see,
My heart beats for all before me,
I’m the king of the Lions den now,
Love my pride forever, I vow.
I beg for you in me to trust,
If to survive you know you must
And if I’m to feel some joy once more
I’ll need you here, my sweet amor.

Hope you enjoyed the poem! If you did, my chapbook is available on Amazon for 1.99 and if you message me I’ll definitely send you a free one! I’d love to get some reviews on my work. I’m new to selfpublishing and trying to promote myself anyway I can! There is a link below

Check this out: Midnight Mourning by Tyler R. Martin

“The World to Me”

Tyler R. Martin

You’re my baby, you mean the world to me,
But I’m standing on your outside
Gazing out into the sea,
Waiting for your ship to arrive,
Like a love lorn widow
Whose love at sea had died.

My ocean is my doorway,
As each day I pray
That your solemn Beauty
Gracefully will pass my way,
But each day doesn’t change
Like a widow’s tears before the bay;
While the sirens in the deep do sing
And Neptune holds his heinous sway.

And you, so stunning and saccharine,
Pass by my glances unaware
Of the love for you I still feel,
From long lovely legs, to golden hair,
To blue eyes that pierce solid steel
And beautiful breasts at which I stare.
Your hold on me echos through the ocean,
Through the trees and through the air;
Your hold on me, my love,
I simply can not bare.

“So Very Sweet

Tyler R. Martin

You’re simple, easy,
It’s what I like about you,
You have very little malice and seem
To care about me, even if it is just
You ask me for very little,
A kiss, a cuddle, a good fuck,
The occasional adoring glance
And you seem fairly content.
You don’t need much, you’re
Happy with just the knowledge
I feel good around you
And that makes you feel good around me.
Aside from that, although
You may crave deeper emotional
Mutual masterbation,
You’re resigned to my inability
To provide.
You’re pretty, in a very maternal way,
There’s a sweetness behind the
Bitterness of your smile.
I can see it, taste it on your kiss,
Feel it in your stare.
Every man needs a woman like you,
If they did, perhaps
They’d be less insanity
And more shrinks
Getting government cheese.

“For my Love: be my Love”

Tyler R. Martin

Oh, your violet lipstick, dark eyeshadow, rosey blush;
The way gorgeous blonde locks drape from your skull
And blue eyes explode as I tremble
In the subtle gaze of your graceful glow.
Your Love will relish in the slow motion wave of your locks and the flutter
And the flit and flash of your eyes and dark black lash.
So tall in Doc Martens,
Hips so sexy in jeans fitting so superb,
Voice pitched soft like a pigtailed school girl
And a way with a walk that, for your Love,
Will worry and disturb.
Oh it seems it’s you I need, when for you I live,
I live and fight and fight and bleed;
For the thoughts of mine you occupy,
From seductive grin down to sweet thighs,
And loving lips and tender kiss,
It’s for your love that your Love exists.
Oh baby, baby from heaven above,
Oh sweet baby baby be my Love

“Midnight Mourning”

Tyler R. Martin

I hear her start at midnight, weeping,
And I hear her all night long,
It’s a dreary tune of heartbreak,
A bitter, sweet and sickly little song.

She begins with a sigh
(Quietly I sit and hear her so clear)
And says to no one “goodbye”
-”I shall love you forever, why did you have to die?

Then from deep within a shattered soul
A symphony begins its sway,
With first a tearful little sonnet
Of loss, death and dismay.

Then her soul emits the main event,
A tear stained face out the opened window gaze,
The weeping for just a moment halts
As she contemplates a leap into the waves

But the window shuts with a slam;
The sweet thing loses nerve
And the weeping once more comence
For life doles her more than she deserve.

“Marring of Beauty”

Tyler R. Martin

I’m reading poetry aloud to her,
I read Poe aloud and relish in the beauty;
The beauty of the words, the beauty of the girl listening,
And I feel like hideous ogre, reading beauty to beauty,
Surrounded by–engulfed in this tragic room of beauty,
For the beauty is marred my ulgy,
It’s weakened by my failure to truly show my appreciation for it by
Putting down the book and leaving her,
But she listened as I rattle of about Poe’s Dream Within a Dream,
And the tintinnabulation of the Bells
And she showed love for the beauty
And love for the ulgy of the ogre, aswell…

“Finding Heaven in a Bedroom”

Tyler R. Martin

To find heaven in a bedroom
Of a building North of here,
To have true love lie beside you
And to whisper in her ear:

“You are evidence of heaven,
Even if we live in hell,
Even if there’s greener grasses
It’s in these fires I shall dwell.

‘Cause I see you even from a distance,
A pure blue spark amongst the dark,
Lovely blue eyes forever pierce me
And have left a scorching mark.

And so your warmth I’ll follow blindly,
Through the winters and the rain,
Or cross warm and sandy beaches,
And for me, I pray you’d do the same.”

So gaze at me in utter silence,
As I whisper words to you,
A smile says that you still love me
And believe every word is true.

To find heaven in a bedroom
Of a building, brick and stone,
Whether boiling heat or frigid storm,
With you, I’ll forever feel at home.