Much Too Busy Today

Tyler R. Martin

The world is bustling and busy today
The streets buzz with movement like
Small bees blindly peppering the hive
Of a barren black asphalt honeycomb
Upon which all the bees do call home

Yesterday the world was bustling and busy
Planes did glide like great ivory kites in air
Trapped unable to break the bonds of nature
Attached by gravitational strings to the ground
Forever destined to exhaust and to return down

Tomorrow the world will likely be bustling and busy
The highways will tremble with innumerable commuters
Who will crawl single file to their respective ant hills
Bearing with them the many fruits of their daily labor
And adorning their ant hills to compete with their neighbor

There are so many poems unfinished today
So so many words I have not yet spoke
So many paragraphs in prose not yet wrote
So much half written wording fumbled in dismay
Well I guess the world was bustling and busy today

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