Episode 6: God’s Spire

Tyler R. Martin

The sixth episode to my podcast aired today and, like all the other episodes, I was very happy with how it came out. I discussed a wide range of topics, and took a rational, yet likely controversial stance on gender dysphoric individuals based on an email my Boxing Gym received last week. Hopefully my thoughts will be received in a manner in line with my actual intentions. Per usual, I elaborate on my ideas concerning individuality, spirituality, the outlaw’s war with life, the need to be combative with authority, Nietzschean philosophy, my own personal war with existence, mother nature and the existential necessity for lack of safety in pursuing enlightenment. All of this stems from a poem I wrote titled “God’s Spire” from my first book, Rotten Man’s Throne…you can find a link to purchase it here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08541HSXH/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_9YMTS5FE2QA6D2CB04VX)

Poem and link to video included below:

God’s Spire

If God should sit upon a spire,
High above perceptions grasp,
Then am I worthy of his wisdom?
Can I echo a perfect past?

If God should sit upon a spire,
Then must I purse my lips and pray?
Am I worthy of his fire?
Must my sins be scorched today?

Spending years in agony,
Wondering if I’m to shine,
Or will I rot with his derision?
Am I worthy of his time?

Cause I am crawling, I am crawling,
Encumbered weary deaf and blind.
I am crawling, I am crawling,
Crawling through the chasm of my mind.

Cause I am crawling, I am crawling,
Engulfed by a doubt not defined.
Cause I am crawling, I am crawling.
Crawling through the chasm of my mind.

If I should sit upon a spire,
High above all that’s divine,
Must I justify His judgement,
Or is his blood no longer wine?

And if I’m to sit upon a spire,
Must I forego my sacred right,
To be embraced by his forgiveness?
And to wander through the empty night?

Spending years in agony,
Wondering if I’m to shine,
Or will I rot with his derision?
Am I worthy of his time?

And as I sit upon the spire,
High above pure entranced masses,
It leaves me scarred and broken, bitter,
But divine despite the lashes.

Will it be worth the holy battle,
Against myself and all mankind?
To overcome all that represses,
As I’m crawling through the chasm of my mind?

10 thoughts on “Episode 6: God’s Spire

  1. An interesting episode my friend – anything that begins with the line ‘I don’t care enough to offend’ will always pique my interest! 😁

    I will say I think we would most likely disagree on a lot of trans philosophy and politics – but that’s OK. As you’ve always said, and I truly believe myself, the world would be a boring place of we all agreed with each other.

    I guess from my own point of view I feel we are all ‘crawling up that spire’ to get to the point where we make sense to ourselves and can make sense of the world around us.

    Our trials and tribulations (and our understanding of those that others face) are always going to be skewed by our own personal experience.

    I wonder if perhaps the person who sent the email wasn’t asking for any ‘special treatment in the ring’ as much as perhaps just trying to feel out if they were welcome (or not) through the door in the first place.

    As a (cis gendered) woman, the only thing I can liken that to is when I have frequented mainly male dominated spaces (such as tattoo parlours and the like) sometimes the toxic masculinity that exists there can make you feel like ascending your own particular ‘spire’ impossible.

    Either way, great to hear your poetry as always. I love the religious stuff. There’s so much in there to digest and reflect upon.

    Looking forward to next week – raising a beer until then 👍🖤

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    1. hey charmer! Thanks for watching and, even more so, thanks for disagreeing!! If I thought I wasn’t as fallible as everyone else I wouldn’t be doing this! You make a great point as well, I definitely agree, we are all crawling up that spire and often this can seem an impossible feat; the point I was going for was that, in my experience, no amount of sensitivity will help; things tend to feel impossible until you exert the appropriate effort, bear the slings and arrows and do them, then they just seem mundane. I say this acknowledging that that seems harsh but a boxing gym will help you do that, a conversation like this will help you do that…either way, a very deep and interesting topic that should be discussed with more regularity, I am hoping to clarify my own views to be honest…thanks so much for watching and critiquing, charmer, we tried to poke some fun to lighten the mood but that likely wont be well received. cool headed people like us, who can disagree rationally are in short supply, I fear. cheers!!!

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      1. You’re most welcome my friend.

        Genuine and open minded discussion is how we all learn and grow – and all the better if a little fun can be had besides! 😁 Thank you for taking my comment in the spirit it was meant.

        To be fair being able to ‘disagree rationally’ with other people is a skill I’ve had to learn the hard way – and something I still fail to do at times. You only have to look at some of my poems for that! 😉

        Still… Onwards and upwards as they say!

        Take care my friend 👍🖤

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      2. of course, charmer! I always appreciate intelligent conversation! I often fail myself in the art of rationality, I often tend to be excitable and its often mistaken for belligerence, which is of course, my fault and something I’m working on….its all part of climbing the spire!

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