Orwellian Practices in Lockdown Era Academia

Tyler R. Martin

Today, while attending a “higher education” class from my living room (which still feels like a strange thing to say, even after a year) I was confronted with something that struck me wrong in an academic, logical and moral sense. So I sat and thought, pored a drink, lit a smoke. I did what I always do when something seems troubling. Within twenty minutes of engaging in this process, I decided to make a video to conceptualize my thoughts (link included below) and I am writing this now in the same vein.

It seems, that the institution which operates off the financial backing of both the state and its students (its a community college) has decided, as the all knowing Hobbesian Leviathan that they are, that the students, languishing under the despotic lockdowns , wasting their money on an ineffective education void of human contact, aren’t fit to take a test without being constantly monitored by Big Brother through the cameras embedded in their laptops. This Remote Proctoring Software which students must apparently install to take a standard multiple choice test will disable the student’s web access and film them for the duration of the examination. I find this alarming on many levels which I discuss in the video I had made. Perhaps I’m off base in my outrage. Let me know. As of right now I’m more than bit disturbed by the trajectory of the modern academic setting.

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