“what the whole world needs”

Tyler R. Martin

Walking out of the campus library
I pass a large white poster board.
Written on top, in bold black lettering,
Is “what would you like to see more of at Farmingdale Community College?!”
I stopped to read the many bullshit replies
Of my shithead classmates:
“Better wifi. Better coffee. More inclusivity. Smaller class size. No cigarettes on campus (they stink!) Farmingdale should GO GREENER. Legalize the weed!”
But at the bottom, one pure heart of gold wrote, simply “Titties….more Titties”
With a large red heart around it.
Whoever wrote this I would elect president.
To whoever wrote that I say change nothing,
You are pure and perfect as is.
Disregard anyone who says otherwise.
I envy your wisdom.

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