“I Don’t Wanna Be Here”

Tyler R. Martin

I was born in the wrong generation.
A lot of people say this, I know,
And perhaps they’re not wrong,
But I can only speak for myself
And I’m quite sure some bureaucrat
Up there in the heavenly abyss
Fucked up my departure time.
I really should have been born in
The Grunge era, or a few years prior
During the Punk Rock boom
Or way way back freezing my balls off
On a Viking cruiser waiting to swing a
Battle ax and rape and pillage.
Any of these would have done nicely.
I exist in a savage age which
Chews up all who do not prescribe
To the malicious zeitgeist of our times.
This is no era for one perpetually bored,
Always and about everything,
And gives no fucks about trends,
His political social standing
Or his own personal appearance.

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