“So Very Sweet

Tyler R. Martin

You’re simple, easy,
It’s what I like about you,
You have very little malice and seem
To care about me, even if it is just
You ask me for very little,
A kiss, a cuddle, a good fuck,
The occasional adoring glance
And you seem fairly content.
You don’t need much, you’re
Happy with just the knowledge
I feel good around you
And that makes you feel good around me.
Aside from that, although
You may crave deeper emotional
Mutual masterbation,
You’re resigned to my inability
To provide.
You’re pretty, in a very maternal way,
There’s a sweetness behind the
Bitterness of your smile.
I can see it, taste it on your kiss,
Feel it in your stare.
Every man needs a woman like you,
If they did, perhaps
They’d be less insanity
And more shrinks
Getting government cheese.

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