“Don’t Worry, Baby”

Tyler R. Martin

Watch that worry, baby,
Give your heart a rest,
Keep the going easy,
Flow ‘long with the breeze
Don’t be sad sweetheart,
I am all you need.
With me, never stress
Just lie here with me,
And I will do the rest.
Its 10 AM, baby,
I’ll fix you drink,
Don’t worry, we’ll
Get tipsy,
No reason to think,
We got nowhere to be,
Outside doesnt matter, sweetie
Soon this you’ll see.
Don’t worry ‘bout the rent
Way past due
Or roaches in the sink,
Forget about broken
Wine bottles,
Don’t say you’re at the brink.
Baby, breakdowns aren’t fun.
So, sweetie,
Our lives, right now
Might be a mess,
Don’t be sad sweetheart,
With me never stress,
Just lie here with me,
I’ll do the rest.

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