“For my Love: be my Love”

Tyler R. Martin

Oh, your violet lipstick, dark eyeshadow, rosey blush;
The way gorgeous blonde locks drape from your skull
And blue eyes explode as I tremble
In the subtle gaze of your graceful glow.
Your Love will relish in the slow motion wave of your locks and the flutter
And the flit and flash of your eyes and dark black lash.
So tall in Doc Martens,
Hips so sexy in jeans fitting so superb,
Voice pitched soft like a pigtailed school girl
And a way with a walk that, for your Love,
Will worry and disturb.
Oh it seems it’s you I need, when for you I live,
I live and fight and fight and bleed;
For the thoughts of mine you occupy,
From seductive grin down to sweet thighs,
And loving lips and tender kiss,
It’s for your love that your Love exists.
Oh baby, baby from heaven above,
Oh sweet baby baby be my Love

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