“Sick Sick Sickness”

Tyler R. Martin

And you, sickness,
You vile disease,
You came to me as liberation,
Came to me as I bid escape
From the doldum of pointless
Efforts which one
Grows to accept
And those enlightened few
Choose to expel.
But not all those
Trapped in the hellish winter of life
Cling to you so ardent as did I.
Some bask in family, meditation
Social security…
I unfortunately am not enlightened enough for
Such a conquest.
My basking occurs in sickness,
I relish in my own mortality,
My frown is my subtle grin,
I indulge in drudgery.
My whiskey, my beer, my wine
Are my family,
Intoxication, my meditation
My existence, my pointlessness,
My sickness,
Are my life in summation.

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