“A Drunks Toilet”

Tyler R. Martin

The drunk’s toilet is a battered whore,
A used up coked out booze pickled
Stained and dirty, dingy and dreggy,
Unkempt and ill used.
Her pure white porcelain skin:
Long since bare of its bright sheen
Her plumbing no longer tight and firm
And piping’s pearly hue has lost its gleam.

But she’s always there, she takes the abuse,
Takes the hits her drunk imparts as he lash out
And withstands the foulness which booze induce.
When he’s wasted,wounded, when he’s whitered and
She takes the vomit and the dark black shit
She takes it all and never wallows,
Even the strong stinking yellow piss
This too she takes and always swallows.
How did her life come to this?

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