“Midnight Mourning”

Tyler R. Martin

I hear her start at midnight, weeping,
And I hear her all night long,
It’s a dreary tune of heartbreak,
A bitter, sweet and sickly little song.

She begins with a sigh
(Quietly I sit and hear her so clear)
And says to no one “goodbye”
-”I shall love you forever, why did you have to die?

Then from deep within a shattered soul
A symphony begins its sway,
With first a tearful little sonnet
Of loss, death and dismay.

Then her soul emits the main event,
A tear stained face out the opened window gaze,
The weeping for just a moment halts
As she contemplates a leap into the waves

But the window shuts with a slam;
The sweet thing loses nerve
And the weeping once more comence
For life doles her more than she deserve.

12 thoughts on ““Midnight Mourning”

  1. Through a window we can see hope
    drawn in little stars up in the night sky
    if we are endlessly being tormented
    not knowing joy and how to be happy
    then, we could be living a big lie
    it feels like there’s nobody to help us
    and nobody is hearing when you cry
    I believe you already know is not true
    you are more than what meets the eye
    remember you are not fighting alone
    I know you can win, at least give it a try.

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