“Finding Heaven in a Bedroom”

Tyler R. Martin

To find heaven in a bedroom
Of a building North of here,
To have true love lie beside you
And to whisper in her ear:

“You are evidence of heaven,
Even if we live in hell,
Even if there’s greener grasses
It’s in these fires I shall dwell.

‘Cause I see you even from a distance,
A pure blue spark amongst the dark,
Lovely blue eyes forever pierce me
And have left a scorching mark.

And so your warmth I’ll follow blindly,
Through the winters and the rain,
Or cross warm and sandy beaches,
And for me, I pray you’d do the same.”

So gaze at me in utter silence,
As I whisper words to you,
A smile says that you still love me
And believe every word is true.

To find heaven in a bedroom
Of a building, brick and stone,
Whether boiling heat or frigid storm,
With you, I’ll forever feel at home.

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