“Wine on Sunday

Tyler R. Martin

Sick in a rut
So tired I just dont give a fuck
Bored and bland
Rest on Sunday as the almighty command
Uncork some wine
Taste the blood of one divine
Rolling a joint
Suck it down cause what’s the point
Broken mirror, white lines
Short dandruff of one divine
And I still don’t give a damn
It’s deamed the blood of holy lamb
Drink it up, drink it down
Toast to Jesus, lift his frown

11 thoughts on ““Wine on Sunday

      1. Sorry, I kind of pressed send on that last comment before I meant to.

        I’d never make suggestions to try to ‘change’ or ‘improve’ someone else’s work – absolutely not my thing.

        But when I see what I think could possibly be a typo, I try to find a way of pointing it out in a humerous way.

        All I meant here was actually both words work – and I quite like the different effect both lines then have – but just wouldn’t want it to have been a typo.

        Hope that’s OK πŸ˜πŸ–€

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