“Secret Keep”

By. Katie Wolffer

Am I awake? Or am I asleep?
An unturned piece inside of me
Come with me to the secret keep
It’s a vulnerable place that very few see
It’s only for us
Just you and me.
Millions and billions of stars dot the sky,
It’s nothing compared to the depths of your eyes
Those eyes. Dark green moss
With the shiny accent of gloss
The black middle, an endless abyss
We look into each other’s soul. Infinite bliss
In our secret keep where the lake glimmers,
The koi swim and their gold scales shimmer.
My moss-eyed baby goes to look at the fish
In our lake, we make a wish
The koi are hungry they didn’t have their breakfast of flesh
I want to give the fish something fresh
In our keep, where I sit and watch the fish eat.

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