“Things I Say”

Tyler R. Martin

Your eyes, pretty and blue,
Seem to have the capabilities
Of some absurd photographic
Your ears,cute and soft
Against your head,
Are very precise
Recording instruments…
This is bad news for me.
You recall, with uncanny accuracy,
Everything I do and say,
Every word, every drunken slur,
You recall what I do not,
And fire it back with
The addition of tears
To fuel its fire.
You should drink more, my love. The things I say are better off forgotten.

3 thoughts on ““Things I Say”

  1. Some people hold on too much
    to what other’s say and are doing
    we sometimes are like this too
    not knowing exactly what we gain
    or with it, what we are pursuing
    I guess is about finding the truth
    and getting sure that we can trust
    other’s people words and actions
    after all, knowing brings us rest
    give us realization & satisfaction.

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