Tyler R. Martin

Some kind of madness fell on me tonight,
Everything was strange,
Music sounded strange,
Fucking felt strange,
Food tasted strange,
Cigarettes burned unevenly,
Booze felt thick on my tongue.
There was a sense of perpetual queasiness,
Way down deep in my stomach
To the point where no amount of vomiting
Could even scratch the surface of the issue.
I felt dense, heavy and airy at the same time.
I had a vat of molten liquid lead cooling in my core
And arms and legs were now endowed with
A buoyancy comparable to helium balloons.
I burned and froze
Sweated and shivered
Quaked in my chair
Grounded and Zen.
I felt ill and powerful
Grey red and green
While simultaneously
Realizing my beer was empty…
I got up, grabbed another beer.

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