“The Door Man”

Tyler R. Martin

Lately I’ve been driving around
Hoping for a hint of nostalgia
In the old home I’ve always known
Down the side streets my dad drove
Cruising along the railroad
It was my town, my dad’s town
For over 60 years
Some fucked up Martin’s town.
The bar down the block,
School down the street with
My very favorite park,
Under the same sky
My grandpa fought
And drank,
My dad played ball
And uncle sank
Into the same bottle other
Martins did before
That neverending bottle
Forever hungry for more….
….Under that same sky
I staggered home,
Passed out on the floor,
Having left the Army
Depressed and drunk
Dour and dirt poor
With my father there
A grin and a hug and
An open of his door.
But now this scene I’m splitting
Soon but not sure when
Soon, ’cause lately I’ve been slipping.
Now there is no door man
And I’m heading off the deep end again.

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