Daybreak nears in a town
Just north of Tennessee,
As the booze slowly wears off
I am feeling much less free.

Well, the room it lies in wreckage,
And stagnant air is smelling boozy,
Bourbon bottles caress the floor….
Next to me's a drunken floozy.

Through the blinds some harsh sunlight
Burns my tired, bloodshot eyes.
Mean jack hammer in my head
Starts it's workday at sunrise.

I grab her ass to steady me
And she grunts a harsh complaint,
I stagger to the bathroom
To see what ugly sight await.

There’s a meanness leads to regret
As you sober up each day,
When you once more feel life's shackles,
And you vomit in dismay.

Cause liberation hides itself
In the bottom of each glass,
It kicks in once the sun retreats
And helps the nighttime hours pass….

But dear friend there’s the rub,
Your boring life is fleeing fast,
Ruing every sober hour,
True freedom’s never meant to last….

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